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How do Hackers Use AI today?

How Hackers Use AI

Businesses have moved forward with the help of artificial intelligence, which has improved customer engagement, sped up reaction times, created solutions tailored to each client, and more. Hackers have also had access to AI, a very new technology. Businesses are using AI technology to alter their operations, and hackers have also been using it to advance their illegal activities.

In 2022, there were 1,802 reports of data breaches that put 425 million records at risk. By October 2023, there had already been 2,116 security events, more than double the previous year, and there are still two months to go. A big reason for the sharp rise in data breaches and other cyberattacks is the use of AI. Here, we’ll talk about how hackers use AI to go after and attack companies.  

Making Phishing Emails That Get You to Click

Hackers have found that generative AI tools make it easy to send convincing phishing emails that can get people to share private information without their knowledge. With AI, it’s now easy to send focused emails that look real enough that most people won’t think they’re not. Because of this, even the most careful workers are now more likely to become victims, which leaves the whole business open to cyber criminals. 

AI has made it possible to get past even language barriers. A phishing email used to be easy to spot because it had poor language and punctuation. Now, though, AI technology is so good at so many languages that the text is almost perfect in any language. No one will see the threat unless they look closely. Even scarier is that these fake emails not only have text that looks like it came from a known source, but many of them also have pictures, videos, and other media that make the email look even more real. 

Making realistic pictures and other media

Many of us have had fun with AI-generated photos and movies, like those apps that make different versions of your picture. Some can even animate a still picture and add sound to it to make it look like it’s speaking or singing. Even though it’s all hilarious, hackers have quickly seen another side to this. Many of them have illegally used these AI-produced media.

For instance, someone you know on Messenger might send you a video call. As soon as you answer the phone, you think you see them, but it’s an AI-made video clip of them trying to talk to you. For the target, this makes the fake person seem real, and they don’t know AI made it.

How Hackers Use AI to Make Attacks Automatic 

It’s easy for hackers to find holes in a company’s security when they use AI software. It can locate networks or security systems that are weak or easy to break into. If hackers release this software all at once, they can go after more than one business and have a better chance of succeeding.

How Hackers Use AI to Hide Malware

Even the most sophisticated security systems can’t stop AI-made malware from evading detection. Malware made with artificial intelligence differs from older types because it has extra features that protect it from even the most careful security tools.

These pieces of software equipped with AI change their code or behavior so that they don’t stand out. Once this software gets through, the hackers will get into the network whenever they want. 

How to Get Past Biometric Systems

Especially when compared with passwords, biometrics are very safe. Because fingerprints and voice prompts are needed in these security systems, only the approved person will get into their account. Then AI came along. Hackers can fool biometric systems by making very accurate copies of fingerprints and voiceprints with the help of AI’s advanced technology.

Putting together complex phishing campaigns

Artificial intelligence has made all the other steps in a phishing campaign so much easier, too. Making phishing texts is just one part of the campaign. The first step is to gather and analyze data from a wide range of online sources. These tasks are now easy to perform, thanks to AI programs. Hackers will tailor their hacking attacks to specific targets if they gain access to this kind of information. It’s more likely that the attack will work now. It looks like more work, but hackers can do it more easily because AI does it all.

Hackers are currently breaking into companies in many ways using AI. Companies need to be aware of and understand these hacking techniques to protect themselves from these new types of hacking. 

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